A New England Weekend

Flight outfit with pheasant sweater

Two weekends ago I headed to Massachusetts. I know you’re imagining a leaf-peeping, apple-picking weekend in a cabin where H takes a perfect picture of me throwing my head back laughing while tossing leaves up in the air, but H and I were planning to go to the Patriots-Panthers football game. I’ve loved the Panthers since I was little, but I also adore Tom Brady, which has subjected me to a lot of ridicule over the years. (What’s not to like? He’s a handsome winner.) I’ve never been to a Patriots game or visited New England in the fall before, so I was looking forward to the weekend.

What to Wear for a Flight to Providence

I started to get ready for my flight thinking I would follow my own advice from my weekend packing guide. Once I took the football game and my collection of preppy sweaters into account, however, I ended up in a button-up, jeans, a wool sweater, and loafers for the flight. I debuted my pheasant sweater, which I will wear in DC as soon as the temperature dips below 80 degrees. At the airport I got Dunkin Donuts coffee just to get in that ~New England mood~. As a result of this beverage choice and highly impractical but adorable travel outfit, a young couple on my flight asked if I was a student at Brown.

What to Wear for Saturday Night in Franklin

Since H had been traveling for work before I met him in Foxborough, I brought a cute outfit for our Saturday night date: a houndstooth miniskirt (which is surprisingly difficult to find an appropriate occasion to wear), paired with a navy silk camisole and suede boots. I layered up for the ride to and from the restaurant with a sweater and down vest. We went to a place called Three in Franklin, Massachusetts, where I had amazing gourmet tater tots.

What to Wear for a Professional Football Game

Going into the game we assumed that it would be fun but the Patriots would defeat the Panthers resoundingly. The New Englanders agreed and said that it was sweet we had traveled so far to watch our team lose. I didn’t expect my Panthers jersey to provoke any Patriots fans, but I brought warm layers just in case and to keep out the New England chill.

I always wear simple, comfortable clothes to professional sports games and don’t spend too much time on my hair and makeup, since I’ve seen too many women drip through Panthers home games in Charlotte. If I’m committed enough to the team to wear a jersey, I pair it with athleisure and denim to avoid an incongruous look. For this game, I wore my fleece and vest in the shade, but just the jersey in the sun.

What to Wear to Head Straight to the Office from the Flight

After the Panther’s improbable and amazing win on Sunday, we headed out on a 7 AM flight Monday morning, planning to head straight to work from the airport. Since my office has casual Mondays, I could wear my jeans and loafers from the flight there with my vest and a gingham button-up. It was a crazy start to the workweek, but it was worth it to see the game of a lifetime!

What do you wear to sporting events? What would you wear for a weekend trip to New England? Let me know in the comments!

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