Birthday Dinner

my birthday

I’m still getting used to adult birthdays—I have a summer birthday, so growing up I didn’t usually have school on my birthday and many years it occurs during my family’s beach vacation. This year I was working on my birthday, but H and I went out to dinner afterwards to make the day special. We were also looking forward to a vacation at the beach with my family the next week.

I had a normal day at work with a few conference calls and ate lunch with coworkers. I always dress up on my birthday, so I wore this work-appropriate gingham dress with gold sandals. H and I usually do trivia with friends on Wednesdays, but we decided to skip trivia that week so we could celebrate on the actual day of my birthday.

gingham dress for work on my birthday

I could have worn the same dress to dinner, but I knew my birthday was the perfect opportunity to wear this white eyelet sundress. I had been eyeing it for weeks before I finally bought it. I love how feminine and structured it is without looking childish. H also changed after work and looked so handsome in his chambray jacket and white pants (unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures at the restaurant, so these are from a few days before in Falls Church).

We made it to the restaurant without a moment to spare. We had a reservation at True Food Kitchen, a restaurant that specializes in organic, anti-inflammatory, healthy food, in the Mosaic District. H and I had been there once before, although we almost bailed when we found out they didn’t have Diet Coke, and we ended up loving it. Their food tastes like what I imagine the food I make for myself will taste like, although I’ve never successfully recreated it. We were disappointed to see that they took our favorite appetizer, roasted carrots with yogurt sauce and pistachios, off the menu, but we ordered roasted cauliflower instead and enjoyed everything we ate.

birthday dinner dress

To finish off the birthday celebration, we had flourless chocolate cake for dessert (my “birthday cake”) and then headed back to my apartment to open presents. My parents had visited the weekend before and left some wrapped presents for me to open on my birthday, which was so sweet of them.

I had a great birthday and I’m grateful for all the people in my life who make me feel loved! What do you like to do on your birthday? Do you dress up? Let me know in the comments!

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