Bridal Shower in Richmond

bridal shower in Richmond

This Saturday I went to my cousin’s bridal shower in Richmond, in anticipation of her wedding in Princeton this August—clearly, my cousins are on a one-wedding-per-year schedule, as evidenced by my cousin’s wedding in Virginia Beach last year. The shower was at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond, which was where the bride’s parents got married! It’s just starting to warm up in DC, and the shower was a fun way to kick off the summer (and distract me from the pool not being open despite the 90-degree weather).

I drove down from DC early to meet a college friend in Carytown for lunch before the shower at two. Naturally, I hit some traffic on the way to Richmond so we just had time for a quick bite to eat at the Daily Kitchen. Carytown has so many cute stores and coffee shops that I was sad I couldn’t spend more time there! Luckily, the Commonwealth Club is close to Carytown, so I pulled up to the club at two on the dot.

I tried to hustle inside the club to rendezvous with my mom and change from the shorts and t-shirt I had worn for the drive into my shower outfit, but I ran into the bride, looking absolutely beautiful in a white lace dress, right at the door! We made our way upstairs, and I went to change into the bathroom, where two of my similarly disorganized family members, the bride’s sister and her brother’s girlfriend, were also changing and putting on makeup. I slipped into this adorable sleeveless gingham dress with a crisp pleated skirt, which I wore with a pair of brown leather sandals.

what to wear to a bridal shower

Once all three of us were party-ready, we headed into the shower, which was in one of the upstairs rooms at the club. The room was decorated in classic old-Richmond style with antique furniture, wall sconces, and gilt-edged mirrors, and my great-aunt had brought beautiful floral arrangements of roses and baby’s breath. Lots of ladies were already inside sipping mimosas, chatting, and nibbling on the huge spread of food. I had a few minutes to talk to my grandmother and aunts (after the plate of French toast I inhaled at the Daily Kitchen, I couldn’t put another thing in my mouth!), and then it was time to open presents. We arranged ourselves in a semicircle around Kelsea to ooh and aah as she opened all her gifts—everything was so tasteful and pretty! Afterwards we had more time to socialize and take pictures.


Around four, the party started to wind down and my grandpa appeared to pick up my mom and grandma. I decided to go back to my grandparent’s house to see my grandpa and dad, who I hadn’t gotten to see (the shower was girls-only, to H’s astonishment). We ate dinner and regaled my dad and grandpa with details about the shower at my grandparents’ house.

After dinner, I drove back to DC, which was much more relaxing than the drive to Richmond. Even though it was late, I had hours before the sun would go down (I love June). It was a long day, but I loved being there for my cousin’s celebration and I’m so excited for the wedding in Princeton this August!

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