Three Ways to Wear Sneakers to Brunch

In this post I’ll cover three brunch outfits and my brunching strategies (yes, those exist). These three outfits feature Adidas Originals, my favorite casual but fashionable sneaker. I also wear them every chance I can during the weekend because I won’t ever be able to wear them to the office.

Outfit #1: Girls’ Brunch

Girls' Brunch Outfit

This cute dress with cutouts along the neckline and an open back is perfect for brunch with the girls. My black and white sneakers add a punchy graphic element to the modern dress, as does my black-and-white patterned bralette. I wore a leather jacket for warmth and an edgy element.

Outfit #2: Brunch with Bae

Brunch with Bae Outfit

I started planning this brunch outfit with the sneakers in mind. I added slightly-cropped black skinny jeans, knowing that I would finish the outfit with a denim jacket, and went to choose a brunch-appropriate cute top. This velvet off-the-shoulder top is textured and feminine, and it’s the only fall/winter cute top I own, since I wear button-downs and sweaters every day.

Outfit #3: Holiday Brunch


I originally planned to pair this denim button-up skirt with a denim jacket, with the Adidas Originals and the cropped white sweater to break up the all-denim aesthetic. The denim jacket was a tight fit over the bulky sweater, however, so I settled on this camel coat instead. I love the shape of this coat—it’s swingy without being boxy, and the wide lapels make my inner 80s prep happy.

Now that you know what you’re wearing to brunch, what’s your brunch strategy? As a millenial/yuppie/brunch expert, I have a few suggestions.

How to Brunch Like a Champion:

  1. Drink Beforehand

If mimosas and Bloody Marys are an important part of your brunch experience, then gather your brunch group at someone’s apartment beforehand and enjoy a mimosa before brunch, so you drink less at brunch. This can really cut down on your group brunch costs and you control your ratio of orange juice to champagne.

  1. Walk to Brunch

The exercise is good for you, especially if you tend to curl up all day on Sundays. Explore the options that are within walking distance thoroughly—I’ve found dive bars that serve yummy brunches.

  1. Take a Photo Beforehand

Brunch is a good photo opp! Get the best light by taking the pictures outside, even though I know you’re imagining a great picture of everyone toasting the weekend. Find a building facade to use as a backdrop on the walk there.

  1. Make a Reservation

If you made plans for brunch at least the day before, make a reservation. It will make your life so much easier if the restaurant is crowded, and if it’s not crowded you only spent two minutes making the reservation.

What do you wear to brunch? Do you have any brunching tips? Share in the comments!

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