How to Have an Amazing Snow Day

snow day outfit

DC doesn’t get a lot of snow, so when the forecast does call for it everyone rushes to the grocery store, schools close, and Marylanders start grumbling about Southerners like me who can’t drive on icy roads. I don’t get out of any obligations for wintry weather, but I fully enjoyed a snowy weekend day one Saturday this past December. If you have a snow day this winter, here’s my guide to make the most of it.

cozy snow day

What to Do:

I maximized my snow day by getting cozy and embracing being snowed in, but also staying active to not get stir-crazy. Start with an uber-cozy morning: stay in bed or ensconced in blankets on the couch, pull out that book you’ve been meaning to read, and put on some records. You can’t stay cozied up all day, though—get moving before the cabin fever sets in. You can head outside, bundling up for a long walk in the snow. If you live walking distance from a fitness studio, try a high-energy class like power yoga or SoulCycle. If you’re really snowed in, use any home exercise equipment or apartment gym you can access, put on a workout video, or have a dance party. My strategy was to go for a long run on the treadmill in my apartment gym, then take a hot yoga class at a studio that’s within walking distance.

Once your sweat session is over, you’ll be ready for a shower. A snow day is the perfect time to go beyond your usual beauty routine, especially since cold weather can take a toll on your hair and skin. Break out your deep conditioner, face masks, and at-home pedicure equipment and enjoy some serious beauty time. If you’re already feeling sore from your workout, relax in the bath with a bath bomb or some essential oils.

You can settle in for the night once you’re finished primping. Try cooking something you usually avoid because it takes too long, like oven-roasted vegetables (please tell me if you’ve found a faster way to cook these, because I can never do it in under 45 minutes) or a stew. After dinner, make yourself a snow-day treat, like homemade hot chocolate spiked with amaretto or break-and-bake cookies. Choose a movie and snuggle back up on the couch.

what to wear for a snow day

What to Wear:

Today is all about cozy! You can’t go wrong with

  • A classic long sweater, cozy leggings, and super warm socks for lounging around the house
  • A preppy sweater, thick jeans, Bean boots, and your coat (plus gloves/hat/scarf/earmuffs) for venturing out into the snow
  • High-waisted athletic leggings, a patterned sports bra, sneakers that you can walk through the slush in, a fleece quarter-zip, and a puffer coat for walking to an exercise class
  • A silky robe or pajamas for beauty time

What’s your go-to snow day activity? Do you venture outside or stay cozied up inside all day? Tell me about your snow day in the comments!



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