What to Wear for a Summer Baseball Game

baseball game august outfit

Baseball games are a fun summer activity, even if, like me, you’re not much of a baseball fan. This summer I went to three Nationals games in DC and put together a cute team-spirited outfit for each one, even without owning any Nationals swag. These would work for any team in the right colors.

Outfit #1: Chilly After Work Game

nationals baseball game

The first game I went to this season was at the end of April, and it was decidedly chilly in DC, definitely not what you think of as baseball weather. I changed after work into a blue-and-white striped rugby shirt, skinny jeans, and red Keds, and I brought a fleece in case it got even colder. The outfit was perfect—I was warm enough to sit outside even after the sun went down, and the sneakers were good for the walk to and from the metro stop. I was clearly a Nationals fan with my red, white, and blue outfit, but a Nationals quarter-zip instead of a plain gray fleece would have been a great addition.

Outfit #2: Sweltering Day Game

baseball game hot weather outfit

My second game of the season was on a Sunday afternoon in mid-May, and in contrast to my first game of the season it was so hot we could barely sit in our seats in the sun. I wore a simple white t-shirt and denim shorts with aviator sunglasses, the same red Keds I wore with the first outfit. I put my hair in a topknot to keep it off my shoulders and tied a red-and-blue plaid shirt around my shoulders, which I ended up draping over my legs to protect them from the sun. For an extra dose of team spirit, I could have swapped out my white t-shirt for a Nationals shirt.

Outfit #3: Summer Night Game

baseball game august outfit

This game after work on a Tuesday in August was the classic DC summer baseball game—there were a ton of people there in business casual (including H!). There was a chance of rain, although it only actually rained for five minutes, and the night was close and humid. Since I didn’t want to sweat through the game in my work clothes, I had run home after work to change into a navy-and-white striped t-shirt dress, a denim jacket, and my ever-present red Keds. The dress was a great choice—it kept me cooler than the t-shirt and shorts had during the game in May. A good team-spirited addition to this outfit would have been a Nationals hat.

What do you wear to baseball games? Which outfit sounds the best? Let me know in the comments!

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