Wedding Day Details – Getting Ready for Our Wedding

What I wore to get ready for the wedding

Waking up the morning of the wedding, the surreal feeling from the day before stayed with me. Maybe I couldn’t believe that the day I had planned, reworked, and planned again was really happening, or maybe it was just the bizarre sensation of waking up in a huge, fancy hotel room by myself, like I was Princess Ann in Roman Holiday. It’s funny that the day started with something totally spontaneous—I woke up to a text from my parents to ask if I wanted to come with them to get breakfast at a pancake house! 

I threw on my pink “Bride” t-shirt and some jean shorts, pulled my hair, which was a wreck after being styled for the rehearsal dinner and then slept on, into a ponytail, and walked over to meet my parents. I loved having some time with them before the day got started! At the pancake house, I inhaled about three cups of coffee and a plate of eggs and potatoes, to start the day on a full stomach (and caffeinated).

Back at my hotel room, I had to move fast since the stylist would be there soon to start hair and makeup. I showered and quickly blow-dried my hair—I had essentially packed my entire bathroom from home to make sure I had all my normal products, but it was totally worth it. Next, I steamed all the getting-ready outfits we would wear for hair and makeup: my chemise and robe, the robe for my maid of honor, and the flower girl’s pajamas.

Once I had steamed out any wrinkles, I changed into my first official outfit of the day: a satin chemise from BHLDN and a white satin robe with lace trim. I bought the robe first, but after I tried it on, I decided to get a chemise to wear under it as well. I had checked before I packed the chemise to make sure I could take it off without pulling it over my head, so I wouldn’t mess up my hair and makeup when it was time to change into my gown.

Getting ready for the wedding with my maid of honor

I heard a knock at the door—my getting-ready crew had arrived! The stylist, who does my mom’s hair in Lynchburg and offered to come all the way to Williamsburg to do everyone’s hair and makeup (in case you can’t tell, I love her!), my mom, the maid of honor, the flower girl, and H’s mom poured into the room. The stylist got started on hair and makeup, I poured mimosas, and we set up some cartoons for my niece to watch. The room got more hectic as the bouquets arrived, the videographer and photographers came in and started taking pictures of the wedding details, and my mom gave my dress, the veil, the maid of honor’s dress, and the flower girl’s dress another once-over with the steamer.

As things started to get crazy around lunchtime, H called. He and his brother were driving through Chick-fil-A and offered to pick up lunch for us as well, which was so thoughtful! We had a short respite once hair and makeup were over and enjoyed our lunch. By then it was almost time to start the portraits, so I put on my second outfit of the day: my wedding dress.

Getting ready for our wedding

My mom and the maid of honor helped me into my underskirt and gown and adjusted at least fifty combined layers of tulle, and I tracked down my shoes and accessories, which had migrated around the room as the photographers took styled pictures of them. I had two pairs of shoes: a pair of pointy Badgley Mischka flats for the ceremony, which were light pink silk with rhinestone embellishments (initially I thought the sparkle would be distracting, but they were actually very understated, and I knew they would be hidden under my dress), and a pair of pink satin ballet flats for dancing at the reception.

I kept my jewelry simple with a pair of pearl earrings that I borrowed from my mom, a silver bracelet of hers that she gave me when I was in college, and a blue pendant necklace that my dad picked out with a dear family friend. My statement piece was an ornate hair comb from Twigs and Honey that I wore under my veil for the ceremony and alone at the reception. I fell in love with the comb, which features cherry blossom flowers molded out of clay with the tiniest pearl and crystal accents. It had a little bit of sparkle, but not too much, and it was floral without being too boho. I tried to find a less expensive comb with a similar look, but three weeks before the wedding I finally gave up and ordered the one I liked. It was perfect!

Getting ready for the wedding with my mom

The full bridal look came together just the way I had planned, except the veil, which I would put on right before the ceremony so it wouldn’t get dirty while we took photos outside. I couldn’t wait for what was next—my first look with H!

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